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Sold OutNovember Single Origin Nepal Specialty


November Single Origin November limited edition coffee!!

Nepal Kavre Pupu Specialty coffee

77% of the country's land area is hilly and mountainous, and this coffee has a relatively new history.

Raw beans are also imported to Japan by plane, so they are fresh.

In order to support our company's efforts in achieving the SDGs, we have decided to sell this coffee in limited quantities.

This coffee supports the livelihoods of those who grow it.

Be one of the first to try out this promising producing country that is about to become a booming market!

Roast Degree

Medium roast

Taste and Characteristics

Green apple, nuts, milk chocolate, syrup

Scent 3Acidity 2

Sweetness 5
Bitterness 1

Body 1

Farm: Pupumendo Coffee Group

Country of origin Nepal
region Mahabharat area, Kavre district
Varieties Caturra, Bourbon
elevation 1,200~1,300m
Purification Method Water washing type
Standards etc.

None September 2021 arrival (air transport) 20/21 crop

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used during the cultivation period.

Farm variety information

"I want to make it possible for people to earn money even in their villages. I want to make it possible for farmers' children to go to school."

The words of a young person I met in Nepal were what prompted me to start this coffee project. It is difficult to earn cash income in mountainous rural areas, so many people go to cities or overseas to work, and in some cases poor families have their children work because the income is so low.

Coffee can be grown in forests even without open land. High altitude is also an advantage in coffee farming. Coffee (parchment) is less likely to be damaged during transportation than vegetables or fruits. I thought that sustainable coffee production could be one way to protect my family while protecting my village life and community. There is no large amount of land, the roads are not well developed in the steep mountains, and logistics to overseas are difficult. Nepal has many hurdles, but I would like to work together with farmers to create an industry that can turn these weaknesses into strengths.

The beans used this time are from the Mahabharat region (Tropokara village) in Kavre district. Although coffee has been produced in Mahabharat for some time, each farmer grew and harvested the coffee, pulped it at the home of someone who had a pulper, and then dried it themselves.

We met farmers who felt that they could not make better tasting coffee with their current methods, and decided to work together on coffee production as a project. First, we formed a farmers' group to control the quality. This is the Pupumendo Coffee Farming Group. "Pupumendo" means "flower (mendo) bud (pupu)" in the language of the Tamang people who live in Mahabharat. "We are just starting out, like a flower bud. But from now on, we will all work hard and make this bud bloom." This is the thought behind the name. The next step is to upgrade from a group to a "cooperative" (becoming a cooperative makes it easier to receive subsidies and other support from the government) and to build a refining plant in the village.

The accuracy of the harvest, the quality of the selection... I think the quality is inferior to the coffee from other countries and regions that we deal with. But thinking about the future of the Nepalese farmers, we decided to try selling as much as possible in Japan. It's been a little over three years since we started working on coffee farming together. We want to work together with the farmers to make the mendo (flower) bloom.

"Excerpt from Coffee Across the Sea"

Roasting and Taste/Rorsta

We lightly roasted it to preserve the smooth texture and aftertaste that makes you want to drink it every day.

Enjoy the mellow taste.

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Sold OutNovember Single Origin Nepal Specialty

Sold OutNovember Single Origin Nepal Specialty