To Overseas Customers 海外配送をご希望のお客様へ
To Overseas Customers
Our shop is getting ready for international deliveries.
Meaning while please place your orders as they follow.
① How to place an order.
Send e-mail, filling in the followings
Address (zip code, country included)
●Telephone Number
Email Address
●Distributed Products
    ②We will send back quotation including shipping and handling cost.
    ③Confirm and place an order (payment by Credit Card only) from the link in E-mail.
    ④Shipment by EMS. Inform us of the shipping number by E-mail.
    ⑤Inquiry on shipment, contact EMS directly.
    ⑥For international deliveries, free shipping service will not apply.

    For customers who wish to ship overseas, we are currently building a system that will allow overseas shipping.
    Until your order is completed, we offer overseas shipping in the following ways.

    ① Steps for purchasing. Please fill out and send the following information.

    ●Your name ●Postal code, address ●Telephone number ●Email address ●Product you want

    ②We will send you an estimate for shipping and handling fees, as well as the product price.

    ③If there are no problems, I will send you an invoice and ask you to pay by credit card.

    ④It will be shipped by EMS. We will inform you of the shipping slip number.

    ⑤For product inquiries, please contact EMS directly.

    ⑥Shipping charges are not applicable to overseas destinations.