Login related

・I can't register (log in) to the site?

Shopify Membership Registration Manual

・I can't log in. Even when I log in, the screen is blank and nothing is displayed.

What to do if you can't log in or the screen doesn't display

Frequently asked questions for wholesalers

・I want to wholesale but I don't know how to register.

Shopify Wholesaler-Member Registration Manual

・I registered as a wholesaler but I don't know how to place an order.

Shopify - For Wholesalers - How to Order

・I'm ordering through the wholesale page, but the price is listed as the list price.

Shopify-Wholesale Customers' Page-Regarding Incomplete Amounts

Frequently asked questions about raw beans

・I can't find the page to purchase green beans. I don't know how to order.

-How to order for customers who purchase raw beans

Frequently asked questions about subscriptions

・What is a subscription?

A subscription is a service that allows you to use a product or service for a certain period of time by paying a fee.

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