Thank you for visiting our booth at the SCAJ exhibition.
Many people have commented that Innocent Coffee's decaf is delicious, and we are once again reminded that it is worth the effort we have put in over the years to create a truly delicious decaf coffee.
This isn't the end, so we will continue to strive to make even more delicious decaf coffee. Thank you for your continued support.

We exchanged business cards with many people at the exhibition and are currently registering sites one by one, but this is taking quite a bit of time.
If you are in a hurry because the end of the year is approaching, please register on the site and contact us by email to express your interest in wholesale.
When you do so, please indicate whether you would like green beans, roasted beans, or retail products.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Innocent Coffee website contains information about the project beans, information about decaffeinated regular coffee, and more about decaffeinated coffee.
Please see here as well.

December's Project Bean is Costa Rica.
Please feel free to use this as well.

UnCafeSucre Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Yuko Nirei