Introducing the newly reborn SUCRE BLENDS.

Since our founding, we have always wondered when people drink coffee and what psychological effect it has on them when they finish drinking it.

Un Cafe Sucre is particular about roasting its own coffee in-house.

When talking about coffee, it can only be expressed in terms of taste, aroma, brand and quality. We wanted to offer coffee that would suit the situation in which you drink it, whether it be for fun, relaxation or when you want to unwind, so we used Zen words to describe the taste that suits each situation.

It's also fun to choose coffee based on its taste and aroma.

The new SUCRE BLENDS offers a range of home-roasted blended coffees that can be chosen not only based on taste and aroma, but also on the situation (Zen word) that you are looking for.

Please try the newly reborn SUCRE BLENDS .