Freshly Born Coffee 366 Days Coffee Subscription Service_September 2023

This is a freshly made blend of coffee that we make together with you.

Each month, our staff will choose three brands of coffee to fit a theme they think up.
The blend of the three brands was chosen based on the staff's recommendations.
You can choose the blend contents. This month's theme is as follows.
Freshly brewed coffee in September

Regarding the contents of the shipment

How to make the product after it arrives

〇The 200g bag will have the following sticker attached.
Your name will go in place of SATOMI.
Your own blend of coffee.

Price: 3,240 yen each time (calculated as 324 yen x 10 bags)
The rest will be services.

* Shipped once a month, timing and closing date <br>Closing date is the 25th of each month, shipped at the end of the month ⇒ Customers will receive their orders at the beginning of the month.

〇Shipping is free (Yamato Kuroneko Post)

How to order
There are three types of beans: A, B, and C.
It is sold in 20g increments, so please order 10 units for a total of 200g.
For example, 5 bags of A beans, 4 bags of B beans, and 1 bag of C beans would be a total of 10 bags (200g).

Regarding changes to the blend for the next month
We will send you an email newsletter with information about the next month (at the beginning of the month).
Please read the details and change the quantity of the three types of beans, A, B, and C, on your My Page (from the 1st to the 20th of each month).

〇No restrictions on number of times

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the service, but you will need to cancel the subscription from your My Page.
*Please note that cancellation is not possible on the first visit, so please contact our office.

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