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Zero pitcher creates water that brings out the flavor of coffee


ZERO Pitcher - Water Purifier that Purifies Water -

"Does this coffee taste really right?"
I don't think there are many people who can give a correct answer to this question.

Many people probably think that if they purify their water and buy tasty mineral water, they can make tasty coffee.

Did you know that the taste of coffee and water varies depending on the components in the coffee and water? They combine with minerals such as magnesium and potassium to create a variety of flavors.

What do soft water, hard water, Tokyo water, and Osaka water taste like?
When measured with a TDS meter (explained below), the water in Karuizawa is 130 ppm, the water in Sumida is 50 ppm, mineral water is 30 ppm, and the water in a 30 year old apartment building in Sumida is 70 ppm - of course you know there are differences.
Even though the same coffee beans are used, the taste is completely different. You may think the beans are sour, but they taste very bitter. Or, even though the coffee tastes good in the cafe, it tastes completely different when you brew it at home. Have you ever had such an experience?

We conducted coffee cupping tests using zero water, soft mineral water, Tokyo water, hard Karuizawa water, and purified water from our apartment.
When warm, the zero water had a mild taste, while the hard water had a stronger flavor.
So the new staff member recognized it as delicious.
We tested the clean cup, roughness, astringency, sweetness, and aroma one by one, and after observing the results over time, it was definitely Zero Water that produced the most delicious scores.
The term "clean cup" is the most appropriate description, as it produces beautiful coffee.
When the temperature dropped and it became cold, the only flavor of the coffee came out.

When the temperature is high, the molecules are farther apart so the coffee flavour is hard to extract, but I discovered that this doesn't mean the flavour isn't there; as the temperature drops the flavour becomes clearer and you can really taste it.

What I noticed when I started drinking this zero water is that it leaves a very refreshing aftertaste in my mouth after I finish drinking it, and because there are no impurities, I can enjoy the taste of coffee for a long time afterwards.

Currently, Cafe Sucre in Sumida and Karuizawa Roastery in Karuizawa use this zero water to serve coffee. If you are interested, please try it out.

The following is information other than coffee.

*TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solid. It indicates how much of a substance is dissolved in water, and the lower the value, the fewer impurities there are. It is generally expressed in ppm, with 1000 L or 1 g being expressed as 1 ppm.

*Old apartments and buildings often have old water pipes. Because they are old, they contain a lot of iron and minerals, and even if the water is purified, it quickly loses its purification function, and in some cases the water is not purified at all.

*In areas with hard water, stones are often formed due to drinking water from pets. Drinking water for pets is also important.

*This filter has six layers that remove impurities, so it can turn undrinkable water into drinkable water in times of disaster. However, it will not be usable as much as usual.

When we roast and sell coffee beans to our customers, we present them with a certain taste and flavor. However, we were faced with the question of whether the taste was true.
As a person responsible for selling coffee, I have witnessed the importance of knowing the true taste of coffee, so I have decided to introduce the Zero Pitcher to everyone.
This is still in the verification phase, so we will keep you updated on the results of our daily testing.

If you are having trouble with water, please consider this.

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Zero pitcher creates water that brings out the flavor of coffee

Zero pitcher creates water that brings out the flavor of coffee

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