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Polar Bear Cafe Everyone's Coffee Milk Source


Innocent coffee, a decaffeinated coffee brand, will be releasing the Polar Bear Cafe series, a collaboration with Pirika Design, which was inspired by the polar bears at Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo.

Maruyama Zoo is the only zoo in Japan that has successfully breeded polar bears naturally since 2000, and Pirika, the motif of this zoo, was also born through natural breeding.

Its simple, adorable, carefree and silly face is its defining feature.

For hot coffee, simply soak in 130cc of hot water for 5 minutes, and for iced coffee, simply soak in 130cc of water for 7-8 hours.

This coffee can be bottled and enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Dilute it with three times the amount of milk and your slightly sweet cafe au lait is ready.
It can be enjoyed either hot or iced.

Either iced coffee or hot coffee .

Simply mix with milk or soy milk to easily make delicious cafe au lait .
If you add more milk, you'll have coffee milk that your kids will love.
It can also be used to make easy sweets, such as pouring it over vanilla ice cream to make an affogato , or adding mascarpone cheese to pancakes to create a tiramisu-like treat .

Ingredients: Specialty Colombian Washed Coffee
Roasting method: French roast Taste: Slightly sweetened Bitter and sweet taste that goes well with milk Shape: 275ml bottle Expiration date: 1 year Name: Japanese processed decaf cafe au lait base low calorie rare sugar

Quantity: 1 bottle 275ml

How to drink: We recommend diluting it three times with cafe au lait base.
For 50ml of base, add 100ml of milk. Dilute to 3 times 150cc before serving.

Additional information on how to drink the product: Regarding the phrase "Add 1 part cafe au lait base to 3 parts milk." This does not mean a 1:3 ratio, but dilute it 3 times. I apologize for the confusing description.

Scent 2Acidity 1Sweetness 4Bitterness 2 Richness 3

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Polar Bear Cafe Everyone's Coffee Milk Source

Polar Bear Cafe Everyone's Coffee Milk Source