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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project13: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Harsuke Specialty

100g x 12
2.5kg (500g x 5)
5kg (500g x 10)


Roasted to bring out the sweet and sour strawberry flavor!

Although it can be roasted at any level, from light to dark, we roast it to a well-balanced medium roast, giving it a sweet aroma and a slight bitterness.
From production to selection, the beans are carefully grown and produced on farms where you can see the faces of the producers, and no pesticides are used on the beans, which are grown with care.

Caffeine is removed domestically using a safe and secure method using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, so anyone can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Decaffeinated coffee is coffee that has had more than 90% of the caffeine removed from it. For more information on Innocent Coffee's decaffeinated coffee, please see below.

[About Innocent Coffee Decaf]
Decaf beans are characterized by their dark color even before roasting. Therefore, you cannot judge the degree of roasting by color alone. We roast them using inncent coffee's original roasting method, which is suitable for decaf, and focus on bringing out the best in the beans.

Also, unlike caffeinated beans, if you grind coarsely and extract it quickly, only the flavor on the surface will come out, and the flavor of the core will not come out. The trick to making it well is 1) grind finely, 2) use a slightly higher temperature, and 3) extract slowly. *Please change the method depending on the equipment and situation.

This coffee is from Harske village in the Yirgachefe region, which produces high-quality coffee in Ethiopia. It is a light roast decaf with a refreshing and pleasant fresh strawberry flavor.

[Taste and Characteristics]
Fruity, Blueberry, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry

[Roast level]
Medium roast

[Farm Information]
Primrose, which exports coffee from Halske Village, focuses on the environment, society and community economy, and is not just a company that purchases coffee cherries and exports them, but also provides ongoing support to meet the needs of local small farmers. Although it is still a very young company that started in 2012, it also supports small farmers widely in Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe, Guji, Sidamo, Limu, Lekempti, Djimmah and Harar). Primrose's coffee, which balances thorough quality control and community support, is of a quality that not only has a good aroma and flavor, but also makes you feel the love for each individual producer behind it.

Country of origin Ethiopia
region South, Gedeo, Yirgachefe, Halske village
Varieties Native species
elevation 2,000m to 2,200m
Purification Method natural
standard G1: Grade 1 shade grown, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used during cultivation

[Recommended ways to drink]
[Decafe processing information]
Recommended Equipment Hand drip, French press, siphon
Grinding Method Fine to medium grind
Recommended Temperature 92°C~95°C
Extraction precautions Extract slowly.
Compatibility with milk ★★☆☆☆
how to drink Hot Coffee
Recommended sweets chocolate
Recommended Food Lightweight hood

Decaffeinated Processing Method Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Processing area Mie Prefecture
Decaffeinated 1.2% → 0.063 percent
Moisture value 9.8%
Caffeine Treatment Date 2022/07/05

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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project13: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Harsuke Specialty

Made in JAPAN DECAF Project13: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Harsuke Specialty

100g x 12
2.5kg (500g x 5)
5kg (500g x 10)