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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project 9: Guatemala Antigua La Esmeralda

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It is a very popular bean among Japanese people, ranking within the top five in terms of import volume to Japan every year.
There are various images of coffee, some people think of it as bitter chocolate, while others think of something sweet and sour with fruit. Guatemala has many mountainous areas due to volcanic activity, and because of its abundant water and high altitude, the difference in temperature makes it a very suitable country for growing delicious coffee beans with firm flesh, so a variety of coffees are imported here.
The Guatemala de Cafe we ​​are using today is a Yellow Bourbon, so it is a very sweet bean. If it is roasted darkly, the sweetness becomes hard to feel, so this time we roasted it with a city roast. Sweet beans have a strong Maillard reaction, and tend to have a caramel flavor. This time, we roasted it with a focus on the caramel-like sweetness.

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[About the made in JAPAN DECAF Project]
Since May 2021, the Project has been producing decaffeinated beans almost every month. Traceability and safety are ensured, and the beans are fresh and made using a method that does not let the flavor escape. Our goal was to deliver delicious decaffeinated coffee to everyone, which has made many people happy. However, the lingering effects of COVID-19 have gradually affected us in various ways, so we have decided to suspend operations for the time being. We will resume operations once the conditions for achieving our goal are met, so until then, please use beans from other projects 1 to 8.

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    [Roasted Beans Information]
    Roasting City Roast
    Features Caramel, milk chocolate, brown sugar
    scent ★★★☆☆
    Taste: Bitter ★★☆☆☆
    Taste: Sweet ★★★★☆
    Taste: Rich ★★★☆☆
    Taste: Sour ★★★☆☆
    image Sweet, syrup, a scent that has a strong sleep-inducing effect, perfect for before bed, for restful sleep, and relaxation

    [Recommended ways to drink]
    Recommended Equipment Hand drip, French press
    Grinding Method Extra fine to medium fine grind
    Recommended Temperature 88℃~92℃
    Extraction precautions Slow Extraction
    Compatibility with milk ★★★☆☆
    how to drink Straight hot coffee, cafe au lait
    Recommended sweets Chocolate
    Recommended Food

    [Raw bean information]
    Country of origin Guatemala
    region Antigua
    Varieties Yellow Bourbon
    elevation 1600-1800m
    Purification Method Washed, sun dried, shade tree
    Cultivation Arrival: June 2021

    [Decafe processing information]
    Decaffeinated Processing Method Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
    Processing area Mie Prefecture
    Decaffeinated 1.4% → 0.051%
    Moisture value 9.8% → 9.6%
    Caffeine Treatment Date 2021/2/16

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    Made in JAPAN DECAF Project 9: Guatemala Antigua La Esmeralda

    Made in JAPAN DECAF Project 9: Guatemala Antigua La Esmeralda

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    100g x 12
    500g x 5