made in JAPAN DECAF Project: 1 オーガニック東ティモールレヌマタ デカフェ

made in JAPANDECAF Project: 1 Organic East Timor Renumata Decaf. Introducing an amazing decaf.

The aim of this project is to create a safe and secure decaffeinated coffee that will truly satisfy those who cannot tolerate caffeine for various reasons, as well as those who love coffee but consume excessive amounts.

The first product is organic East Timor Renuma decaffeinated
The coffee was delivered to the Karuizawa Roastery on May 28, 2021 and roasted.
These beans are made from organic specialty coffee new crop beans, with the caffeine extracted in Mie Prefecture, resulting in freshly made decaffeinated coffee.

We have produced Colombian Washed, Kaizen Natural, and Ethiopian Yirgachaff, but the challenge has been to deliver them in a fresh state.
Our company has always said that we want to provide delicious decaf, safe and secure decaf, and decaf that will satisfy everyone, and by launching this project we are now able to cover all of that.

The decaffeinated coffee was made possible by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology, with the help of project supporter KEC Co., Ltd. in Mie Prefecture. I first met Professor Fukuzato (who has since passed away) and Mr. Fukaya from the Supercritical Technology Center in 2016, and while the word "decaf" didn't even exist in Japan, I am very grateful that this decaf coffee has now been released to the world and that the environment has been created for everyone to enjoy it. This is a decaf coffee that I hope as many people as possible will try.

Organic Timor-Leste is a wonderful country where 80% of the country's exports are coffee. All the beans are grown organically.
When it comes to decaf, people still wonder if it contains chemicals.
Many people who drink decaf coffee are pregnant women or people with illnesses.
I want to create something that can give those people peace of mind. That has always been my wish.
We have now obtained JAS Organic certification and are now making decaffeinated organic beans.

About Timor-Leste beans, their taste and aroma
Because these beans have great potential, I roasted them from medium to light roast.
It had absolutely no decaf taste, and had a strong aroma, sweet and sour flavor, and plenty of fizz.

This time, we will be offering medium to high roasts.

In the foreground are caffeinated East Timor beans, left are green beans, right are baked beans. In the background are decaffeinated East Timor beans, left are green beans, right are baked beans.

Project Supporters
Yamamoto-san is the second person from the right, and he has been helping us with procuring raw beans since 2018 when we started making domestically processed decaffeinated coffee.

I work to support coffee bean production in Timor-Leste and am currently a member of Sakanotsumichi. I am one of the essential supporters of this project.

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