made in JAPAN DECAF Project: 2 JAS オーガニックコロンビアカイゼンデカフェ

made in JAPAN DECAF Project: 2
Information on the release of JAS Organic Colombian Kaizen Decaf

made in JAPAN DECAF Project: 2 Organic Colombia

The aim of this project is to create a safe and secure decaffeinated coffee that will truly satisfy those who cannot tolerate caffeine for various reasons, as well as those who love coffee but consume excessive amounts.

The second product is organic Colombian Kaisen La Pradera Decaf
The coffee was delivered to the Karuizawa Roastery on June 28, 2021 and roasted.
These beans are made from organic specialty coffee new crop beans, with the caffeine extracted in Mie Prefecture, resulting in freshly made decaffeinated coffee.

About this project
I started this because I wanted everyone to be able to drink truly delicious decaf coffee.
It's just a delicious decaf coffee. Please give it a try.

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