made in JAPAN DECAF Project: 3 エチオピアイルガチェフェチェルベサナチュラル/農薬不使用

Project 3: Yirgachefe, Ethiopia
Chelbesa G1 No pesticides used

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and Yirgacheffe produces the highest quality coffee beans by far. The wonderful aroma and flavor is unmatched, and the number of Ethiopian fans is increasing year by year. This is the third time we have made an Ethiopian decaf, and the beans from Cherbesa Village have a strong body with raspberry and blackberry flavors, making this an Ethiopian decaf that is a little different from previous beans.

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About the made in JAPAN DECAF project

The aim of this project is to create a safe and secure decaf coffee that will truly satisfy those who cannot tolerate caffeine for various reasons, and those who love coffee but consume too much of it.

  • JAS organic certified. Decaffeinated without the use of any chemicals
  • Delivered fresh. Roasting techniques that thoroughly understand decaffeinated coffee
  • Transparency of all processes
  • Efforts to lower prices
  • Achieving a sustainable society We aim to create the best products. To continue small-scale production, This is a group purchasing project.

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