August Single Origin 8月だけ販売するコーヒー豆のご案内

August Single Origin

Introducing single origin beans available only in August.
Starting this month, we will be releasing two different types each month.

This month's coffee is "Costa Rican Jaguar Honey". It is characterized by the honey and caramel-like sweetness of honey processing. It is lightly roasted to make the most of this characteristic.
These are gentle, delicate beans, so we recommend slow extraction or French press.

"Lao Ban Long Lang" has a mild acidity, flavors of chocolate, nuts, and almonds, and is full-bodied, so it is currently recommended for iced coffee and cold brew.

Single origin beans often focus on the farm, and by allowing producers to continue producing coffee for a long time, this leads to sustainability. And it also leads to the happiness of being able to drink delicious coffee. We hope to continue to cherish our connections and cooperate with them.

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