Coffee beans are an agricultural product.

In order to make delicious coffee, coffee beans go through many hands.
Delicious coffee cannot be produced unless every step from production, distribution, roasting, and extraction is carried out without cutting corners.

On June 24, 1998, Mr. Beans Hikifune store was founded in front of Keisei Hikifune Station in Yahiro, Sumida Ward.
I started my own coffee roasting business because I wanted to be independent as a woman.
The shop was a triangular building of 16.2 square meters, with walls covered in products, just like Kaldi Coffee.
The shop was filled to capacity with just three people, and many people visited every day, but half of them came just to talk. I met so many people that I thought I might become the mother of Hikifune.
At first, I purchased roasted beans and sold them, but gradually I began to want to roast coffee myself, so I started making a hand-made roaster. I start a fire on a charcoal grill and roast 100g of coffee for 20 minutes.

Coffee beans are the seeds of a fruit, and they don't smell like coffee at all. When you roast the beans, they gradually take on color and swell. Then you hear a crackling sound and the aroma of coffee comes wafting out.
I thought, "Coffee has been born!" It was wonderful and I was deeply moved.
From then on I became fascinated with roasting, my love for coffee grew and I discovered my true calling.

Un Cafe Sucre Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yuko Nirei