Introducing the newly reborn SUCREBLENDS.
Since our founding, we have always wondered when people drink coffee and what psychological effect it has on them when they finish drinking it.
Cafe Sucre is particular about roasting its own coffee in-house.
When talking about coffee, it can only be expressed in terms of taste, aroma, brand and quality. We wanted to offer coffee that would suit the situation in which you drink it, whether it be for fun, relaxation or when you want to unwind, so we used Zen words to describe the taste that suits each situation.

Liquid coffee now available in a paper carton <br>We have recently revamped our popular liquid coffee product. Cafe Sucre SUCRE BREND Liquid Coffee & Decaf is made using only specialty coffee. In turning this product, which is also available as coffee beans, into liquid form, we received cooperation from Marugen Drink Industry, which has been creating high-quality beverages in the food service industry for many years. In turning it into liquid, we have devised a flavor that can be enjoyed not only iced but also hot, so that it can be enjoyed all year round. Please see below for further details.

Myoju tanagokoro ari means "The things that are truly important to you are already in your hands, without you having to search for them."
The coffee is roasted to an Italian roast and extracted at a low temperature, giving it a rich sweetness that wafts through the bitterness.
A sophisticated flavor created by a blend of specialty beans. Find the sweetness in coffee, just like searching for little joys.
Mizukyu Buryugetsu / Roasted to a French roast without letting the beans drain . Enjoy the sweetness of fruit chocolate from the first bite to the last.
It is decaf, rich in flavour and has a rich aroma.
The product name conveys the message that we should live our lives without being swept away by the world, like the moon that reflects its majesty even in fast-flowing waters.
Try this night routine to help you live as your true self.

Initiatives towards the SDGs <br>In recent times, initiatives towards the SDGs have been spreading across all industries. As the SDGs are a very broad topic, our company has also begun to work on them under the theme of "starting with what we can do, little by little." Last year, when we renewed Sucre Blend, we simplified the packaging and reduced the amount of plastic used in stickers and other parts. This year, we have also decided to change the packaging of our popular liquid coffee from plastic bottles to paper cartons. We will continue to work hard, starting from our immediate surroundings, focusing on coffee producers, and turning our attention to society as a whole, including all of you.

Jointly manufactured and developed <br>This product was jointly developed by Marugen Drink Industry Co., Ltd. and Un Cafe Sucre Co., Ltd.
When deciding on the flavor, we paid particular attention to the sweetness and the lingering coffee aftertaste that spreads in the mouth.
We tried many different methods to create this flavor in a factory, and after much trial and error, we finally arrived at low-temperature extraction (80℃) to create this coffee. Although it is liquid coffee, it has the same sweetness and aroma as hand-drip coffee. Enjoy it all day, all year round.
Manufacturer: Marugen Drinks Co., Ltd.
Roasting and development supervision: Yuko Nirei, Un Cafe Sucre
Marugen Drink Industry Co., Ltd. Marugen Drink Industry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takaaki Abe)

Founded in 1916 (Taisho 5), the company has been a food manufacturer for over 100 years, adapting to the changing times with the keywords "creating food culture" and "more fun, more delicious." Currently, as a "comprehensive supplier of food and beverages" to the food service industry, the company develops and manufactures a wide range of beverage and dessert ingredients. It is a pioneer in Japan in premium juices, chocolate drinks, frozen smoothies, flavored sauces for cafes, fruit toppings, frozen fruit, and more. It met Un Cafe Sucre Co., Ltd., a company also based in Sumida Ward, and in 2021, they jointly developed a special liquid coffee.

Products are also available for purchase at Marugen Drink Industry.

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