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JAS Organic Decaf Blend Drip Bag

3P x 15 boxes
3P x 45 boxes

Even when you're busy, you can enjoy delicious, luxurious coffee without spending a lot of time.

[Karuizawa Roastery Organic]
We want to protect the Earth, people, and coffee through organic farming, fair trade, and small things!
Will we be able to drink the delicious coffee we drink every day forever? Organic farming protects the land and people's health, and fair trade and support protects our livelihoods.
Learning about local life and unseen challenges, what each of us can do is very small, but it is important to face them without giving up. Let's think about what we can do now and deliver delicious coffee and smiles to the future.
It contains information about the support provided and voices from the local community. It is a long article, but please take the time to read it.

Taste/Characteristics : Chocolate, nuts, orange, wine, grape

Blend Contents : Colombia, Timor-Leste

Roast Degree : Full city roast

Scent 3
Sweet 2
Bitterness 3

Quantity Capacity
10g x 3pcs

[About decaffeinated coffee beans]
Click here for more information on Columbia Kaizen Natural Decaf

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[About decaffeinated processing]
Caffeine is removed domestically using a safe and secure method using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, so anyone can enjoy it with peace of mind.

[About JAS Organic]
In 2020, we obtained JAS organic production process manager and organic product packaging company certification. Our organic coffee is certified by JAS organic at every stage of the coffee farming process, and is managed under a consistent system. Not using pesticides is not only safe, but also sustainable for farms and people, and is an important initiative that leads to the SDGs.

[Coffee Crane Project]
This cup of coffee brings a smile to the farm . This organic coffee is not only traded under FairTrade, but it also supports the farms and the people who work there. The delicious coffee we drink every day is made possible by the efforts of the people on the farm. This is an initiative where our smiles bring smiles to the people on the farm.
Let's spread the circle of smiles together.

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JAS Organic Decaf Blend Drip Bag

JAS Organic Decaf Blend Drip Bag

3P x 15 boxes
3P x 45 boxes