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Sweets Coffee Powder Decaf Brazil


Sweet coffee powder! Made with decaffeinated Brazilian beans that are grown without pesticides.
The coffee beans are in powder form and can be kneaded into food or sprinkled on top.

While instant coffee or liquid coffee is often used in sweets, we have produced coffee that is 100% made from coffee beans so that it can be used in sweets.

You can enjoy it with a variety of ingredients, such as cookies, pound cakes, ice cream, chocolate, Japanese sweets, arare, and sprinkling it on tiramisu! *See photo.

Just pour it over ice cream to give it a coffee flavor.
If you knead a lot of it into it, it will turn into a bitter ice cream like cookies and cream. It can also be used in a wide range of confectioneries, from Japanese to Western, such as karinto, granola, red bean paste, and bread.

We offer sizes ranging from 100g to commercial size of 500g.

The organic lineup also includes 20g retail sizes, caffeinated and decaffeinated.

See below for more on beans.

[Roast level]
Full City Roast

[Taste and Characteristics]
Peanuts, roasted almonds, gentle brown sugar sweetness, clean cup

Scent 3Acidity 2Sweet 3Bitterness 2Body 2

[Coffee bean information]
Country of origin Brazil
region Neponuceno, Southern Minas Gerais
Varieties Amarelo Bourbon
elevation 1,080m
Purification Method Pulped Natural
Standards etc. NO2, 16 up, sun drying, dryer drying from patio

[Decafe processing information]
Decaffeinated Processing Method Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Processing area Mie Prefecture
Decaffeinated 1.3% → 0.063%
Moisture value 9.8%
Decaf Processing Date 2022/07/16

[About the farm]
Brazil is the number one producer of coffee, and the Minas Gerais region in particular is a mecca for specialty coffee beans, with a wonderful production area that produces a gentle sweetness and aroma.
Because it is a very delicate bean, it does not have the strong flavor or impact of African beans, but it has a very soothing taste and is a type of bean that you will want to drink every day.
This time we used a city roast to bring out the nutty, almond-like flavor.
There is a gentle acidity, but it's not too bothersome. The sweetness is also an important flavor, so please enjoy the sweetness as you eat it.
The main features of this bean are: Amarelo Bourbon (yellow). Pulped natural method. Minas South, Brazil.

Bellavista Farm was opened by the Lima Reis family in 1923. They made a living from pasture farming at first, but soon switched to coffee cultivation. Currently, the third generation, Antonio (Tony), has taken over. Their coffee farm, which covers 430 hectares, is thoroughly environmentally friendly and has obtained various certifications. Before inheriting the land from his predecessor, the current owner Tony thoroughly studied general agricultural knowledge and techniques and coffee cultivation from Professor Paulo de Sousa, an agronomist at the Lavras Agricultural University. In 1964, he married his current wife, Isabella, and made a home on the farm. He was blessed with children. Tony decided to farm while protecting nature, animals, and water so that his children would continue to love this farm in the future. Now, the farm is rich in nature and full of flora and fauna. He has also purchased new machines for screening, and is producing high-quality dried ion tree processing and pulped natural processing. Utilizing three generations of coffee cultivation history and current cultivation technology, this farm is one of the most sustainable producers of high-quality coffee in Southern Minas Gerais.

[About the Amarelo Bourbon variety]
The fruit that most of you are familiar with is probably red cherries. These beans are Bourbon Amarelo Yellow Cherry. They are often grown in Brazil. When fully ripe, Bourbon produces a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, and pink. They are characterized by their rounded, small size and rich flavor, while Amarelo has a stronger sweetness and flavor characteristics.

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Sweets Coffee Powder Decaf Brazil

Sweets Coffee Powder Decaf Brazil