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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project6: Panama Berlina Top Specialty Pesticide-free Beans

100g x 12
500g x 5

Made in Japan DECAF Project 6: PANAMA BERLINA

Panama Berlina, pesticide-free beans, decaffeinated coffee with a flower-like aroma

This time we chose coffee beans from Panama's Berlinale Farm.
The farm is also famous for growing Geisha beans and producing top specialty beans.
This time, instead of Geisha beans, we used washed Typica and Caturra beans.
The first impression was the scent of a flower field. The taste changed with every sip, and the word "delicious" came to mind naturally. Even after it cooled down, the sweetness of milk chocolate was still apparent, so I decided to make a Panama decaf coffee.
About Panama Berlina Farm
In the early 1900s, Segundo Diaz moved from Colombia to Panama and started farming. He was originally a member of the military, but fell in love with the environment of Panama and decided to move there. He established a coffee farm in the 1920s, but coffee was originally grown in the area. Raccoons and monkeys eat coffee cherries, and the seeds must have fallen and sprouted wherever they went, according to Diaz's descendants. Berlina Farm has been known for its high-quality coffee since its establishment, but now the management of the farm has been taken over by the Luis family, who specialize in cultivating specialty coffee. They also focus on cultivating Geisha varieties, and are expanding the cultivation area of ​​Old Typica, so the farm is constantly expanding its varieties and improving quality through the selection methods that accompany them.

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[About the made in JAPAN DECAF project]
The aim of this project is to create a safe and secure decaf coffee that will truly satisfy those who cannot tolerate caffeine for various reasons, and those who love coffee but consume too much of it.

  • Certified by JAS Organic. Decaffeinated without the use of any chemicals.
  • Delivered fresh. Roasting techniques that are the epitome of decaffeinated coffee.
  • Transparency of every process
  • Efforts to lower prices
  • This is a group purchasing project to continue small-scale production with the aim of creating the best products possible and creating a sustainable society.

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[Roasted Beans Information]
Roasting Medium roast
Features Floral, apple, milk chocolate as it cools
scent ★★★★★
Taste: Bitter ★★☆☆☆
Taste: Sweet ★★★★☆
Taste: Rich ★★☆☆☆
Taste: Sour ★☆☆☆☆
image The taste changes with every sip, so try sipping it slowly and thoroughly.

[Recommended ways to drink]
Recommended Equipment Hand drip, French press
Grinding Method Extra fine to medium fine grind
Recommended Temperature 88℃~92℃
Extraction precautions Extract slowly.
Compatibility with milk ★☆☆☆☆
how to drink Straight hot coffee

[Raw bean information]
Country of origin Panama
region Chiriqui Boquete District Los Naranjos Horqueta
Varieties Typica, Caturra, Catuai
elevation 1400~1700m
Purification Method Washed, sun dried, African bed
Cultivation Arrival: June 2021

[Decafe processing information]
Decaffeinated Processing Method Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Processing area Mie Prefecture
Decaffeinated 1.4% → 0.047%
Moisture value 9.8% → 9.4%
Caffeine Treatment Date 2021/10/15

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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project6: Panama Berlina Top Specialty Pesticide-free Beans

Made in JAPAN DECAF Project6: Panama Berlina Top Specialty Pesticide-free Beans

100g x 12
500g x 5