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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project10: Ethiopia Galle Natural

100g x 12
500g x 5


Project 10 has resumed after six months!
The 10th edition is a berry scented decaf that you'll want to drink before bed.

This coffee is grown in Jimma County, Oromia Region, where approximately 70% of the forest in Ethiopia is located. It is grown with great care in a rich natural environment, with few defective beans and a clean flavor.
Enjoy the sweet and fragrant taste of Ethiopian Natural!

[From the roaster]
While retaining the flavors of vanilla and strawberry, we roasted it to a point where sweetness, body and bitterness are in harmony.

[Farm Information]
GALHE is located in the JIMMA region, about 400 km southwest of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
The altitude is 1,840-2,130m, the temperature is 14-27℃, and the environment is comfortable, surrounded by green forest.
The owner of the farm management company LIMMU KOSSA is GIDEY BERCH RETTA, and while Yirgacheffe in the south is gaining attention, he is proud of his location and is working hard to not be outdone, especially since he is close to the birthplace of coffee.
The flavor is different from the current image of Ethiopia, being deep and calming rather than flashy like Ethiopia, and it has a gentle aroma and strong sweetness that you will never get tired of even if you drink it every day.

[Roasted Beans Information]
Roasting Full City Roast
Features Vanilla, Strawberry, Cinnamon
scent ★★★☆☆
bitter taste ★★★☆☆
Sweetness ★★★☆☆
Richness ★★★☆☆
acidity ★★★

Sweet, syrup, a scent that has a strong sleep-inducing effect, perfect for before bed, for restful sleep, and relaxation

[Recommended ways to drink]
Recommended Equipment Hand drip, French press
Grinding Method Extra fine to medium fine grind
Recommended Temperature 88℃~92℃
Extraction precautions Extract slowly.
Compatibility with milk ★★★☆☆
how to drink Straight hot coffee, cafe au lait
Recommended sweets Chocolate

[Raw bean information]
Country of origin Ethiopia
region Galle District Guji
Varieties Native species
elevation 1700-2000m
Purification Method natural
Cultivation Arrival in 2022

[Decafe processing information]
Decaffeinated Processing Method Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Processing area Mie Prefecture
Decaffeinated 1.3% → 0.072%
Moisture value 9.0% → 9.5%
Caffeine Treatment Date 2022/05/23

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Made in JAPAN DECAF Project10: Ethiopia Galle Natural

Made in JAPAN DECAF Project10: Ethiopia Galle Natural

100g x 12
500g x 5